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Epson Perfection V19 Scanner

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Epson Perfection V19 Scanner

Capture, scan, store, and share your documents and images easily and fast with this stylishly and compact Epson Perfection V19 Scanner designed for office and home use. It is easy-to-use, powered by USB, and has a space-saving and sleek design. The 4800 dots per inch optical resolution, makes you experience detailed and remarkable clarity when performing tasks. V19 is a flatbed scanner with a scanning area of 8.5*11.7 and can provide 300 dots per inch color scan and capture letter-sized documents within 10 seconds. Besides this, it comes equipped with an interior 48-bit color depth for the reproduction of accurate color. It also has an in-built stand hence can operate when upright asides from having a removable lid that make it efficient for scanning bulky documents and books. And besides, you can print smoothly store and share all your photos online by scanning right to Picasa and Facebook.

Being USB-powered, the V19 scanner is easy to set up because all you need is to install the software and connect it to the scanner to the PC with the USB cable. What is more, is that you can place it flat or use the built-in kickstand and efficiently perform your tasks. It is thus space-conscious.

Epson Perfection V19 Scanner Features
Quality Outcomes
Epson Perfection V19 Scanner features Epson’s ReadyScan LED Technology for instant scanning. With Epson Easy Photo Fix Technology, you can easily restore all your older prints and photos and Advanced Dust Correction improves the quality of your restored photos or prints by clearing dust. This technology is also effective in restoring faded colors and correcting backlight. V19 scanner’s enhanced features enable you to produce sharp documents and get rid of undesirable “bleed-through” from dual-sided documents.

Reliable Scanning

Epson Perfection V19 Scanner has four touch-buttons that enable you to fast and easy copy, scan, share, as you turn all your photos and prints into multi-page searchable PDFs right at the push button. One-touch buttons effectively make scanning directly to PDFs, emails, and computers. With USB 2.0, you can connect to a laptop and when using Epson Easy Photo Scan software, you can fast send scans to Evernote or Picasa. Additionally, you can smoothly assign customized scanning tasks to all the four buttons to save your settings including resolution, format, and save location to make consistent repetitive scanning tasks faster. For extra versatility, a wholly-detachable lid makes effective scanning of photo albums and bulky books.

Furthermore, with a V19 scanner, you get smooth gradations, precise skin tones, grain-free, and sharp photos and documents, and clear and crisp text. It also features an Automatic Photo Correction for evaluating digital images not forgetting advanced face-detection for ensuring natural and beautiful results for your images.

Neat and Ultra-compact

Epson Perfection V19 Scanner’s connectivity and power are handled through a one Micro USB to minimize the clutter of the cable and ensure your working space is ever neat. It is also equipped with a Kickstand to result in flexibility when scanning and to fit in your working space.

Epson Perfection V19 Scanner Specs Summary
4800*4800 dots per inch resolution
Fast speeds: scan letter-sized documents within 10 seconds
USB powered
LED technology
Removable lid, high rise
Four one-touch buttons for fast scanning
Flatbed scanner
A4 paper formats


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